You have ben accepted to sell on Zuvaa. So what happens next?

  1. Register for your seller account here: Click Here
  2. Once you are account is accepted, you will be able choose your package and start uploading proudcts.
  3. Choose 'Products Listings' in the Menu Tab
  4. On the right side press 'Add Product'
  5. In the Choose a product drop down, press 'Dirctory Listing' - This is how you will be abl to link your product to your website
  6. Enter the product name, type and description and uplod your images
  7. Enter the price.
    1. If your item is on sale, enter the full price in 'Compare at Price'
    2. Enter the full price at 'Price'
  8. Enter your items in the appropriate collections - we suggst scrolling through all the potential collections. More collections = more visibility = more traffic to your website!
  9. Enter the product link in 'Directory Listing Details.'
  10. Hit Save
  11. If you have any issues, email us at